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    Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

    The Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year between September 15 and October 15 in order to pay tribute and recognize the contributions of Hispanic culture in the United States. Latinos in the United States are celebrating our heritage in many different ways. In Lawrence, we just had elections and we have a lot to…

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    Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

    From My Corner: September 22, 2016

    Was it an error or intentional? On September 6, The Eagle-Tribune published the article (Democratic Candidates for 16th Essex District Discuss the Issues), with the results of a questionnaire sent to the three candidates for state representatives.  They listed the responses from Marcos Devers and Juan Pascual but at the bottom they wrote that Juana…

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    Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

    Desde Mi Esquina: SETIEMBRE 22, 2016

    ¿Fue un error o intencional?             El 6 de septiembre, The Eagle-Tribune publicó el artículo (Democratic Candidates for 16th Essex District Discuss the Issues), con los resultados de un cuestionario enviado a los tres candidatos a representantes del estado. Se enumeran las respuestas de Marcos Devers y Juan Pascual, pero en la parte inferior escribieron…

  • Fire Lt. James Flynn described the mural pictured behind him. This beautiful tribute is in front of the fire station of South Broadway.

    We must never forget them

      Each year, the City of Lawrence and especially the Fire Department organizes and conducts an event where the details of the attack we suffered on Sunday, September 11, 2001.  The violent act was conducted by the organization known as Al-Qaeda and led by the terrorist Osama bin Laden who is fortunately missing. As we…

  • Lawrence Fire Department Chief Brian Moriarty recited The Eleventh of September, a poem authored by Roger J. Robicheau.

    Nunca debemos olvidarlos

      Cada año, la ciudad de Lawrence y en especial el Departamento de Incendios organiza y lleva a cabo un evento donde se relatan los pormenores del ataque que sufrimos el domingo, 11 de septiembre, 2001.  El suceso fue llevado a cabo por la organización Al-Qaeda que dirigiera el terrorista Osama bin Laden, por suerte…

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    Lawrence News

    Central Catholic Hall of Fame in 1985

    In 1985 Central Catholic celebrated its 50th year in the city and was naming a Great Hall of Fame as part of this great occasion. Pat McCarthy class of 59 was called Larry and was a 3-sporter. He was a super baseball, football and basketball in his senior year he was an all scholastic and…

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    Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

    From My Corner: September 15, 2016

    Personnel Committee – Breda Daou             I watched the Personnel Committee meeting on Monday night, September 12 and there was the confusion that characterizes many of those meetings. They were there to approve the dismissal of City Assessor Breda Daou.  Finance Director Mark Ianello realized that she doesn’t live in Lawrence and ask Mayor Rivera…

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    Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

    From My Corner: September 8, 2016

    Depending on friends Mayor Dan Rivera has contracted the services of Kopelman and Paige to review the elections results this year.  This was the law firm supervising the results of the recount election in 2013 and later the authors of a formal investigation in the Elections Department. The exhaustive report issued on November 20, 2014…

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