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Methuen Police Department Honors Officers of the Year

From left to right: Officer William Kannan, Chief Joseph Solomon, Officer Matthew Morel. (Courtesy Photo)
Posted: November 23, 2016 at 7:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Mayor Steve Zanni and Chief Joseph Solomon are pleased to announce that Officer William Kannan and Officer Matthew Morel were each honored by the Methuen Exchange Club as “Police Officers of the Year” this week for their keen observational skills that resulted in the arrest of a robbery suspect in February.

The awards were given at the annual Exchange Club Honor Banquet on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at the Merrimack Valley Golf Club.

“I commend Officers Kannan and Morel, as well as the entire police department, for their quick work on this case,” Mayor Zanni said. “They are both incredibly deserving of this year’s Exchange Club honors.”

On Feb. 9, Officers Kannan and Morel were conducting routine patrols at the Pelham Street Park and Ride lot when they noticed suspicious activity. A few minutes later, the officers saw a gray Dodge Intrepid pull into the lot and park next to the pickup truck. Dispatchers then alerted all officers to a robbery at a nearby Bank of New England branch. The vehicle and individual under observation by the officers closely matched the vehicle and suspect description given by dispatch.

The officers questioned the suspect, and an investigation determined he had allegedly driven one vehicle to the Park and Ride, stolen another, robbed the bank, and was returning to the parking lot to pick up his original vehicle.

The suspect was arrested, and police found the cash stolen from the bank on his person. He now faces numerous charges including Armed Robbery and Motor Vehicle Theft.

“I am extremely proud to honor Officers Kannan and Morel for their meritorious conduct and on-the-spot detective skills,” Chief Solomon said. “Their attention to detail and vigilance resulted in the arrest of a suspect who presented an immediate danger to the Methuen community.”