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Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

From My Corner: April 15, 2017

Posted: April 16, 2017 at 7:20 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Lawrencians should know Frost

The Lawrence Public Library is calling for poets in order to select a Poet Laureate for Lawrence in honor of National Poetry Month.  As usual, we want to promote all good things for the city and we published the press release the new library director sent us on page 18.

Even though I want to be fair and open-minded, this young girl manages to play games with my head and I can no longer concentrate on what I am doing.  I had the best of intentions to translate her notice and I got stuck on the first sentence: “To build upon the legacy of Lawrence native Robert Frost…”  Robert Frost was not native to Lawrence!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about someone at the front desk who had no idea who Robert Frost was, even though there is a room on the third floor in his honor depicting his life and the glory he brought to Lawrence.

Now, the Librarian writes this barbarism and there is not a soul who can proofread what she writes… Oh, I forgot, she’s the boss.  How can she ask an underling to check it?

This is the direct result of our mayor placing incompetent people in responsible positions that only make the city look foolish and ignorant.


Stupid television ads

Since I spend all day working at a computer, I keep the TV on and have become familiar with several commercials that when they go on, I pay attention to see if I can understand them this time.  I always fail!

I don’t know the rationale behind producing commercials with a hidden message that the viewer cannot figure out and in the end, we don’t remember what it was about.  Give me the Budweiser Dalmatian and Clydesdales any time.  The moment you see them on the screen, you know it’s Bud!

Hair coloring and toothpaste commercials are easy to figure out: nice hair and beautiful white teeth and you get it!

There is one ad about a family inside a car and the old man has a sad face, then the young woman puts her hand on his shoulder for comfort.  They are silent with background soft music.  Apparently, they are coming from a funeral but I think the commercial was about the car in which they were riding.  There is another version where he is alone in the car looking at his wedding ring.  I don’t remember the car.

One that I am struggling to understand is showing women’s faces of different races and nationalities in silence.  Then, at the end comes up a black screen with very tiny letters in write saying something about dry eyes and “”.

Life is confusing enough without having to analyze what we watch on TV.