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Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

From My Corner: December 22, 2017

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A promise is a debt

I said last week that I was working on another article about transportation in Lawrence but I could not finish it.

Although it is mostly done, I am checking the information because those are dates preceding my move to this city and I need to make sure. For this, old timers are my best sources and there are contradictions in the different versions they offer. Nevertheless, the meat of the story which is politics remains unscathed.

Bear with me; it’ll be ready for our next edition on January 8th. Yes, we’re taking a few days off. We need the time to play with the cats because they have been neglected.

City Council meeting this week

After awaiting eagerly the last meeting of the year, it was a great disappointment that Anil DaCosta, the coordinator of homeless initiatives could not attend as it was requested at the previous meeting. He was on vacation. When he comes before the council next year, it won’t be the same.

With Modesto Maldonado, Myra Ortiz and Nilka Alvarez-Rodriguez gone, he will be treated with silk gloves and not asked for a breakdown of what he has been doing with the salary he is earning.

Juana Matias on the radio

Listening to State Representative Juana Matias on Carmen Chalas’ radio show Microfono Abierto I was tempted to call but decided to stay put because it was more interesting listening how she put her foot in her mouth.

She was asked why she has not expressed an opinion on the closing of programming at WCEC 1490 AM on November 6 and 7. Ms. Matias said that she cannot respond because she has limitations as to what she can do as a legislator. Well, last week we published a response from Frank Moran expressing his concern because he doesn’t “believe in censorship or taking the people’s voice away. There’s a reason that we run for office, and that’s to represent the people who elected us, not stifle their voices.”

Rep. Moran also mentioned that he has been writing and contacting people to get an answer to the reasons behind that more. That’s all we expect from her: An opinion.

If Rep. Moran doesn’t have “limitations,” why do you?

Paul Montesino’s presentation at LPL

Alberto and I attended the presentation Dr. Montesino offered about his books and his motivation for writing them at Lawrence Public Library. There was a group of Cuban-Americans in attendance and we could relate so well to everything he said.