Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

Desde Mi Esquina: April 15, 2021

No imaginé que algún día daría gracias a Dios porque estoy viviendo en Lawrence. Mientras todo el país se vuelve loco, tenemos paz en nuestra hermosa ciudad. Manifestación de Oliver Partnership School Los estudiantes, maestros […]

Desde Mi Esquina/From My Corner

From My Corner: April 15, 2021

I didn’t know that one day I would say Thanks to God I’m living in Lawrence.  While the entire country is going crazy, we have peace in our beautiful city.   Oliver Partnership School rally […]

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Household Pulse Survey Phase 3.1

          The U.S. Census Bureau announced the beginning of data collection for phase 3.1 of the experimental Household Pulse Survey. Phase 3.1 includes substantial revisions to the questionnaire. Additional questions address the following new topics: disability, child health […]