From My Corner: January 15, 2015

If you hear it on the radio…

Last week I mentioned some comments overheard on the radio which had no basis.  I set out to find the truth and clarified it for anyone who might be interested in learning what really went on.  I am appalled at the things people say on the air, either pretending to know-it-all or using the power of the microphone to influence on people’s opinions.

That was the case again this week.  I don’t understand how anyone might try to compare the educational level and work experience of former Assistant City Engineer Andy Wall and the current City Engineer Theodore Rosario.  It was implied that Mr. Wall was some sort of “protégé” of previous administrations because he also did not have the education nor the certification for the job and that’s why he was fired.

It has been well-publicized that he tried taking the State test for his certification, which the city needs to have but Mr. Wall is a graduate from Merrimack College as civil engineer.  He has 25 years’ experience as engineer and has worked for the city during the Kennedy, Dowling, Sullivan (2 terms) and Lantigua administrations as Assistant City Engineer under Santo Nicolosi.  When Mr. Nicolosi retired, he was promoted to Acting City Engineer, pending the State’s approval.

After more than 17 years, he not only has the educational background but the experience on the job.  As someone told me, “Andy knows every pot hole that has been filled, every drain that has been repaired.  Andy could draw the underground on this city like an X-Ray.”  That’s experience!

I am not advocating for him or trying to get his job back.  I am angry to see how people lie in order to justify the mayor’s actions.  Give the man some respect!