From My Corner: October 1, 2022

Last week, there was so much going on in Lawrence that I didn’t have time to write my column. I guess today, it’s going to be a long one.


Oh!  The trash issue

            People were complaining all over the city about their trash not being picked up (and rightfully so) although the mayor is not responsible, he got all blame.

            Mayor De Peña issued a letter explaining his negotiations with Republic since they bought out JRM and the problem has been resolved by now.

            Please, don’t call me with your complaints; I’m not the mayor’s apologist or media person.

            Although M. M. from Upper Tower Hill wrote that “This new mayor is trash,” and I think this person went too far with the criticism, I do agree with the rest of the message. “….Trash and recycling are always delayed… noise pollution is out of control… dirt bikes and 4-wheelers think it’s a free for all on the road.”

            In previous weeks I have commented that something must be done about all of that.


Elections and the abortion issue

            The U S. Supreme Court decriminalized abortion nationwide in 1973. It gave people the right to access abortion legally all across the country and freed patients to access the health care they needed when they needed it without fear.

            According to Planned Parenthood, from 1973 to 2021, states enacted 1,336 abortion restrictions — 44% of those in the last decade.” Women wanting an abortion had to travel to other states allowing it.

            The Supreme Court’s recent decision was that this is something that each state should decide separately because the Constitution has nothing to do with it.  Meanwhile, in every election, the abortion issue has been key in the selection of candidates.

            People would consider their choices on whether or not they were for or against abortion. That’s how we got to present-day America.

             We have an election coming up on November 8th and this subject is very latent with people of all ages, religious beliefs, races, and nationalities, of both political parties. It takes more than one subject to make a good candidate for office, while it takes agreement among many of them to achieve any changes to present laws.

            You may end up voting for someone you agree with in a position where he or she will be isolated, unable to fulfill a promise. That’s why we must look at the politician in general to find the one that best conforms to our interests and, if we also agree on the abortion issue, that’s a match.

            A good example of that is Stacy Abrams, a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia. She said, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body,” says Abrams.

            Judge for yourselves if that is a rational statement in favor of abortion.

            I can also show you a picture of a 14-week miscarriage that was fully formed (toes, fingers, nails, tongue, penis, etc.). When the doctor couldn’t detect a heartbeat, recommended an abortion. She insisted on having forced labor because she didn’t want her baby to be thrown out like “medical waste.” The picture is too graphic to post here but if anybody wants to see the article with pictures, please let me know.

            One issue doesn’t make a good candidate into a good legislator. There’s a lot to consider.


The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution

            This section of Rumbo has the purpose of discussing things not usually talked about in the media, particularly in Spanish.

            A couple of weeks ago, Mike Lindell, better known as My Pillow Guy, (a big supporter of Donald Trump) was leaving a restaurant when a group of FBI agents approached him with a warrant and asked him to give them his telephone. He complied but expected to have it returned soon.

            Weeks went by and the FBI refused to return it.

            The problem for Mr. Lindell is that he has his medical records on that phone and many other things we all have, not just names, telephones and addresses. Worst yet, is that he is not suspected of anything, he has not been charged by anyone with any misdeeds

            He is now suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI for violating his First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights. I often mention the First Amendment because it guarantees freedom of Expression and the press. You should check the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to see how they apply to this case.

            I’m just talking about the Fourth one for now.

            The Fourth Amendment protects people against ‘unreasonable searches and seizures.’ It requires the government to get a warrant by showing in a sworn statement that it has probable cause to believe that a particular place needs to be searched and describing specific people or things to be seized.”

            My question is, Is the FBI playing a dirty trick along with the DOJ to violate citizens’ rights?

            Please be careful when you get involved in a political discussion unless you are aware of what you are saying is true. There’s a lot going on that most people don’t understand.



Municipal elections are over and we pray

            Last year, I said that Senator Barry Finegold was a “traitor” to this community for availing himself to bring a “home rule petition” to the State House for the purpose of ignoring the City Charter and not having a Special Election. That was a farce because it was approved by the city council the day after it had been approved by the legislators and signed by Governor Baker. I stand by that because it was a dirty trick against the voters.

            I must now admit that losing Barry Finegold was a huge loss for Lawrence.

With the new district’s reassignments, Barry Finegold is no longer in Lawrence and we can’t deny that he was a good friend of this community who did lots of good for us. Thank you.

            Now, we must pray that Pavel Payano follows his example although I doubt it; Pavel has shown during the years in the city council that he pushes other members to agree with him and that his interests come first.

            God helps us!

Staffing and care at LGH

            Every now and then I receive complaints from people about the long waits in the Emergency Room (ER) and the poor care they receive, in their opinion.

            Unfortunately, I am one that has to depend on ER services much too often.

First, I go regularly to my Primary Care Provider (PCP) and she either sends me there or I automatically run to the ER because my condition is becoming a routine for me.

            I, like all mortals, must wait in line like everybody else and witnessed the kinds of problems for which people come to the ER and their expectations.

            Many times, I have seen a nurse come out to explain that they are shorthanded of personnel and that people arriving in ambulances due to accidents or other violent crimes have a preference because they are in fact, EMERGENCIES.

            Usually, parents with small children who have been waiting perhaps for five hours screamed back to them, they are simply told that they should have gone to the child’s doctor, instead, because there’s not much they can do.

            It’s not poor service. They are treating patients on stretchers in the hallways because there’s no more room in the emergency room. They can’t send them to a room because there are no beds available.

            What that means is that entire sections of the hospital are closed off because there’s a shortage of nurses and, according to their union rules, nurses are limited to caring for a number of patients and that’s all. Just because beds are available doesn’t mean that the ER can send them upstairs if there are not enough nurses.

            Then, imagine that you are in my situation. Every few weeks, I need blood transfusions unexpectedly, and I’m told that I need two or three units but they can only give me one because of the shortage.

            How would you react? The Red Cross and all hospitals keep asking the public to donate but we don’t. The amount of blood available must be secured for other accidents or crimes when the life of the patient is in danger.

            Would you complain about that as poor service? Take the time to understand the reasons and try to cooperate.

            For minor problems, especially with children, go to a health center or their private doctor. That goes also for adults with any pain; the doctors there will tell you if you should go to the emergency room.

            And when it comes to calling an ambulance, remember that the average cost is $1,300 per trip. If the person can walk, take a taxi or ask someone to drive his or her. You are contributing to the high cost of medical care.

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