Rivera Hypocritical Non-Leader By Dalia Diaz

While news of the Broomfield Street, Lawrence, illegal daycare travels across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through many newsprint and television news
outlets, Mayor Rivera remains stealth on his city policy that does not allow his city employees to be at home with their children due to the lack of legal and open
childcare centers.

He stated to the television news that the illegal daycare are the causes of this COVID-19 situation for poor families and that he wishes that the family which ran the
illegal childcare does not get charged.

While in the meantime Rumbo has received information, from a few Broomfield residents, that the Lawrence Police once again showed up at the Broomfield address for a follow-up arrest and charges of a male suspect. We sent a public records request to verify that information and it turned out to be the husband of the daycare provider who is now accused of threatening and intimidating the father who called the police.

According to the police report, Justiniano Ventura pulled up in front of his home and said in Spanish, “Thank you for what you did.” The father didn’t even know who this man was and he had to tell him. “You know what you did, you reported my wife to the police.”

At that time, he advised him that he has cameras in his home and he’ll be reporting this to the police. Later on, he saw Mr. Ventura driving on the street and turning around rolling down his window to say, “Watch your back, someone is gonna shoot you.” Fortunately, that was also recorded on his phone and reported to the

Officer Preston Carmichael then placed him under arrest for intimidation of a witness and threat to commit a crime.

By Mayor Rivera minimizing the illegal daycare (on CBS Boston, NECN, Telemundo, and Univision) only sends the wrong message to people of this city – that is OK to break the law. That is why Lawrence is one of the highest positive COVID-19 cities in Massachusetts. No leadership at all. We don’t see that type of leadership from the Mayor of Somerville! Isn’t that what Rivera ran his campaign on – claiming that Mayor Lantigua did not follow laws.

By Mayor Rivera not allowing his city employees to work from home to assist in this desperate situation of not having childcare or schools is most hypocritical to his leadership and absolute opposite to the message he is sending out “that’s the issues poor people are going through”. Every parent is going through this issue, not only poor parents! Parents with power – well that’s an entirely different thing. See, parents with power can sway private and religious in-service schools to accept their child into those schools, pay for it, and not be affected by this virtual education of
public school’s policy. As long as it does not affect him, he can give a dam to his employees.