Students bring fantasy characters to life

            In front of a crowd of more than 400 people filling the auditorium at the Guilmette School in Lawrence, students in Community Day Learning’s Latchkey Enrichment Program brought Disney and Pixar Studios characters to life on the evening of January 30. Dressed in bold costumes ranging from the Lion King to Snow White’s dwarf friends to characters from Mulan and Woody from Toy Story 2, students performed songs and dances at the event, which brought parents, siblings, and extended family members to the school.  

“We are so proud of the hard work our students have put in since December vacation to help create costumes, paint sets, and learn songs and choreography,” said Wanda Gines, director of Community Day Learning’s Latchkey Enrichment Program. Student groups from the out-of-school time program’s seven sites, Community Day Arlington Elementary School, Frost School, Guilmette School, Parthum School, South Lawrence East School, and Wetherbee School in Lawrence, and the Methuen site at 10 Ditson Place, each performed songs from a different movie.

Students in Kindergarten through grade six worked together to perform scenes from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, Toy Story 2, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, y The Beauty and the Beast.  The festive evening included dinner for students and their families, raffles, and student performances of excerpts from the movies. “We’re thrilled that so many students and families came together to enjoy this show,” said Wanda Gines, “It’s great when parents and families are able to come out for a fun evening and enjoy the product of all the hard work students have been doing.”