The Three Wise Men come to Heritage Common

By Nelson Silvestre

The Three Wise Men come to Heritage Common again, making children happy with toys donated by good-hearted people. There were many toys for all ages; some were educational while others were just for fun. Ms. Vera Zannino, Resident Services Coordinator, was the person in charge of distributing the toys for the children of Heritage Common. She told us that the housing complex offers various workshops such as sewing, arts and craft, piano classes and English classes. Anyone who is interested in participating in these can call 978-688-4228, 978-888-8982 y 978-688-0499.

Mrs. Vera enthusiastically delivered the toy-filled bags to the mothers and children who came to collect their gifts for their children. Mrs. Xiomara Silvestre was among the mothers who stopped by to pick up toys for her granddaughter Luna Beth.

Each year Heritage Common hands out these gifts to those children in need and each year Heritage Common holds cultural events that brings the whole neighborhood together.

Mrs. Zannino thanked all the Donors for their good hearts and hopes the children spend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.