Supreme Court Decision: No Compulsory Vaccine for Workers

Nurse gives senior adult healthcare worker the Covid-19 vaccine

Supreme Court Decision: No Compulsory Vaccine for Workers

By Jose Alfonso Garcia

Editorial Week

In a long-awaited decision, the United States Supreme Court of Justice has ruled that imposing the Covid-19 vaccine for workers in businesses with 100 or more employees is unconstitutional.

Another failure of the Biden Harris administration…

The Democratic administration of Joe Biden is in crisis and this Supreme Court decision is undoubtedly another major defeat for an administration that has gone from failure to failure since its inception a year ago.

Some of the multiple problems facing the Biden administration are: The border crisis that has allowed the entry of more than 3 million immigrants from around the world and with it, a 400% increase in drug trafficking, and exacerbated the problem of deaths due to overdoses in the country.

The shameful departure from Afghanistan where the US allowed the government to fall into the hands of the Taliban after 20 years of war and trillions of dollars wasted.

The economic crisis that affects the country with an inflation of 7% dates back to the 80s, draining the resources of the neediest classes.

The crisis in the distribution of goods and services keeps the products of the daily diet scarce without apparent solutions.

The breach of the promise he made to the people that he was going to end COVID-19 and the crisis of confidence in Americans about the authoritarian actions of the government.

The decision of the Supreme Court was 6-3 to annul the imposition of the vaccine that has been applied in some companies that follow the government’s guidelines. At this time, it has been proven that the Omicron variant is highly contagious, although less lethal, and that this new variant infects both vaccinated and unvaccinated people equally.

There are millions of infested but hospitalizations and deaths have decreased.

Health workers will have to be vaccinated…

By decision of the court, health workers who work in companies that receive funds from the federal government will have to vaccinate compulsively in order to continue in their jobs. This will bring many problems to these companies that already have many due to the lack of workers.

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