99 elected school board members from across the country will participate in this yearlong fellowship and

mentorship program.

LAWRENCE, MA — The School Board Partners (SBP) announced its sixth and largest cohort of Fellows to join its
School Board Partners National Fellowship. SBP has selected 99 individuals to participate in the competitive, one-year
fellowship for diverse elected school board members. This year’s cohort is made up of 80% people of color, with
participants hailing from 76 different school districts and 28 different states, representing a total 2.2 million students.
Vice-Chair Jonathan Guzman from Lawrence School Committee and Committeeman Julio Mejia from the Greater
Lawrence Technical School Committee in Massachusetts, are part of the new School Board Partners’ National Fellows.
SBP’s fellowship empowers school board members like Vice-Chair Guzman and Committeeman Mejia with the
knowledge, mentorship, community, and policy support to address the needs of their district and students. As part of the
Fellowship, these emerging education leaders are paired with trusted mentors who provide them with the guidance, first-
hand knowledge, and skills needed to implement real change through equity-centered policies in their districts.
“Our Fellowship equips school board members with the skills, knowledge, and community they need to become effective
school board members. Each Fellow receives personalized support, including a mentor and policy coach, to design
policies that will have the greatest impact on students,” said Carrie Douglass, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of School Board
Partners. “As an elected school board member myself, I’ve seen how kids-first policies can improve student outcomes,
paving the way to more equitable and high-quality schools.”
“Excited to be a part of the School Board Partners cohort 6! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to expand my learning to
support students, parents, educators, and schools in the City of Lawrence. As a member of this cohort, my goal is to
contribute to the betterment of education in our community,” said Vice-Chair Guzman “By taking these vital efforts, I aim
to continue fighting for positive and inclusive learning environments that encourage growth and achievement for all
SBP Fellows are trained in six high-impact areas: hiring, anti-racist policy-making, representing the community,
developing goals, school performance frameworks, and budget and resource management. The Fellowship also includes
an in-person convening, regular webinars with a community of practice, an individual executive coach, policy mentors,
and access to SBP’s library of resources.
“We’re thrilled to welcome the latest cohort of Fellows into the School Board Partners community,” said Ethan Ashley,
Co-CEO and Co-Founder of School Board Partners. “I’ve experienced firsthand the power of school boards to make a
difference, both in my own life and during my time as an elected school board member. With this unique support and
tools, the Fellows are empowered to address the challenges facing our schools, turning their campaign promises into real
policy change for students.”
“As a newly elected member of the Greater Lawrence Technical School Committee, I am thrilled to embark on my
educational journey with the School Board Partners,” said Committeeman Mejia. “I am committed to ensuring that every
student in our district has access to high-quality education that prepares them for success in the modern world.”

This cohort represents SBP’s sixth cohort since 2020. Including fellows from previous cohorts and the newly
named sixth cohort, SBP has worked with nearly 349 school board members in 28 states and 120 school districts, serving
over seven million students. The following is a full list of the 2024 C6 School Board Fellows:
School Board Partners is a nonprofit organization focused on transforming education in America by supporting,
connecting and re-electing diverse, anti-racist school board members across the country to lead with courage,
competence, and impact.

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