From My Corner: March 15, 2024

Beware of politicians

Sometimes it is difficult to stay within the margins of local issues and I intend to open people’s eyes to things happening around us. The most important thing we can do is keep an eye on what our representatives (locally and nationwide) are doing because there’s a lot, they do without consulting us and affecting everyone.
I recently wrote about the plight of the residents of Milton, MA who are being forced to build 350 units of housing. Milton held a referendum and the majority voted against that idea. Now, Attorney General Andrea Campbell is suing Milton to force them to comply.

This action was the result of the MBTA Communities Act that was voted in January of 2021, under Governor Charlie Baker. This law addresses the housing shortage by requiring all communities being served by the MBTA to change zoning regulations to allow multifamily housing by right.

We did not hear much about it until now that it’s going to be enforced.

The reason for bringing it up again is because we have an article entitled The Budget Deal Is Overflowing With $12 Billion of Earmarks on page 5 that describes the recently approved 2024 $640 billion spending package signed by President Joe Biden. In the end, people will blame the president for everything going wrong with the economy, inflation, high cost of rents, high interest rates, etc.

This article describes how that budget is loaded with 256 earmarks (pork) for many legislators. This is the time when they bring “goodies” to their states. By negotiating those gifts for their donors, they manage to get them to vote for the bill, like “one hand washes the other”. People think they are doing a good job bringing money but never stop to think how this was acquired. Each one of them is responsible for all the things President Biden is being blamed for.
I highly recommend that you read that article so you can see how our money is wasted on these political favors.
That comment is not in defense of the president but to show you how vigilant we should be. They are not always working in our favor: Milton is an example.

Thank you, Hibernians!

On March 15th, the Loyal Order of Hibernians had the traditional 54th Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Luncheon at the Lawrence Lodge of Elks, at which time I was honored to receive the Honorable John E. Fenton Citizenship Award for which I am extremely grateful. Considering the people who have been awarded this honor in previous years makes me so humble to be among them.

Thank you all.

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