A Point of View © 1996 Hitting a home run By Paul V. Montesino

A Point of View © 1996
Hitting a home run
By Paul V. Montesino, PhD, MBA, ICCP.

Sometimes those of us who have crossed the line of maturity to old age, feel concerned about the ability of the younger generations to carry on the responsibilities they will assume as we hand over the baton. This article is a good example that should keep us hopeful about that younger generation and the world they will inherit and mold.

Recently, a young man named Michael decided to celebrate his 21st. birthday at a Fenway Park game between the Red Sox and the Tampa Rays. At one point in the game, the batter hit a foul ball that went to the stands right into Michael’s hands, and he caught it. There were a few amused and excited young kids of elementary school age near Michael, and he reacted by giving the ball away to one of those kids, the boy’s father rewarding Michael’s generosity with a $100 bill.

With that extraordinary gesture of a very ordinary event, Michael was expressing his reluctance to become a baseball player. As for the young one who now was enjoying the ball, we won’t know if he will be inspired to become one when he grows up. Expect new home runs.

Michael’s mother decided to share the amazing story in one of the popular social media outlets and soon her post became lit with “Likes, comments, gifs, and emojis” praising his behavior.

When one of Michael’s uncles heard the story, he ordered two baseballs from an online seller for Michael, one with an emblem of the Sox name and the other with the Rays’, a transaction that started with a foul hit, but a true home run!

But Michael’s uncle did not stop there. He also sent him a card with a letter that went like this:

Dear Michael:
You don’t know me well or remember me. I thought I didn’t know you either, but after your recent generous behavior at Fenway Park, I know you better.
I was a university professor for many years and always enjoyed what is called “a teaching moment.” This is such a teaching moment for me, and I hope a learning moment for you.

Keep the baseballs I sent you recently in a place where you can see them when you need to. Life throws many foul balls at us, but it is not what or how many we get, but how we handle them that matters.

The next time life throws a foul ball at you, intentionally or not, look at them and you’ll be able to handle it with the same class you did at the recent ball game. You may even be able to hit a home run. But please amigo, make sure you hit it in favor of our Red Sox! Great job! Your grand uncle.

And it was signed by Paul V Montesino. Yes, I am the proud uncle. I’ve decided to take a seat in the bleachers and wait for the next hit. Do you see why I have not lost faith in future generations?

And that’s my point of view today. So long!

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