From My Corner: April 15, 2022

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You probably heard about the Black man who shot and injured 23 people in the subway in Brooklyn, New York on Monday. It was a pure racial attack against any white people as he declared on social media and after his arrest because he considered them “White Supremacists.”
Take a look at the picture of Morgan Freeman we have on the front page of this edition. The more we keep talking about race, discrimination, privilege, etc., the more we drill those ideas, particularly into the brain of children and we never know how they will be misinterpreted. Let’s stop talking about it and allow children to grow and develop as they did before: as equals.
That’s why for a few weeks I have been following what’s going on at Lawrence Public Schools concerning the teaching of sex-related themes and race-based indoctrination. After speaking on the telephone with Assistant Superintendent Odanis Hernandez explaining what I was looking for, a few days went by in silence and I had no choice but to submit a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
My request consisted of any materials, books, graphics, toys, etc. being used in grades K-12 relative to teaching about the difference in races. This could be under the names of Critical Race Theory, Project 1619, or any other name that Lawrence Public Schools may be used to teach racial historical disparities in the U.S.
Within the ten-day limit, I heard from the inner sanctum of the school department and Ms. Hernandez responded this way:
“Upon review, we are not aware of any materials or curriculum currently “being used in grades K-12 relative to teaching about the difference in races,” nor are there any curricula matching those named in the second portion of your request.
“There are multiple K-12 curricula which include or feature history- or social studies-related content which may be interpreted as relating to ‘racial historic disparities,’ including but not limited to slavery, the Civil War, civil rights figures, or similar historical subject matter.”
She went on to tell me that if I wish to refine or revise my request, she will be happy to provide whatever records are applicable and readily available, along with an estimate of the cost. So there are records that she could send me but I have to beg for them! Not a chance!

When it comes to teaching about sex…
We do know that they are using the following materials to teach sex from K-12. Check these sites online: Making Proud Choices, Our Whole Lives, and FLASH.
“After issuing a public records request, we have found out that Lawrence Public Schools are teaching EXPLICIT sex education that is NOT age-appropriate and NOT medically accurate!” said Michael King, director of Community Alliances of the Massachusetts Family Institute. He encourages all parents to OPT-OUT their children in all grades if they disagree with this curriculum.
Let’s inform the public as to what they are potentially doing to their children and parents will be the ones fighting against the system once they know it. Just look at these two books covers being used to teach the ABCs to kindergarten children.
The description of The GayBCs says, “A playdate extravaganza transforms into a joyful celebration of friendship, love, and identity as four young friends sashay (flounce gracefully) out of all the closets, dress up in a wardrobe fit for kings and queens, and discover the wonders of their imagination. In The GayBCs, M. L. Webb’s playful illustrations and lively poems delight in the beauty of embracing one’s truest self…”
We don’t know if these books, or others like them) are being used in Lawrence because of the sepulchral silence they emanate, but I wish a parent or employee would let us know if they see one. In looking for reviews of this book, the enormous majority was negative, and here are just two examples.

Eugenia Karydas
he vocabulary is way beyond the abilities of children under 8. That being said, children should not be exposed to sexuality at this age level. This is not about anatomy which is also not something that should be taught using a board book at this age. Typically little children first learn basic anatomy through life experience and their parents. They also learn about differences in families and sexual expression in the same way. As they get older, a more structured format can be introduced. These are sensitive issues and religious and cultural differences must be taken into account. I don’t advocate book banning from public libraries but I object to a book like this being in a school’s children’s library section.

Kutaya World
I saw this book today for the first time. I’m a father of three little boys and if I can give this book 100 negative stars I would but I can only give it one star. I’m extremely enraged about this book. This is not about teaching children the ABCs; this is a clear attack on our children. Teaching them about gays playing with boys and reading the comments on few folks actually recommended reading to their little ones – that’s so sad! For the real parents who notice the agenda behind these types of books being released to our children, we need to come together and let’s do something about it. The author is disgusting and is a sick pedophile. I will support any movement parents make to stop this type of stuff from getting to our kids at all. This is a war on our kids’ minds we need to fight for them to be children.

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