From My Corner: August 22, 2019

Be careful who your friends are

Johnny Paredes was an employee of the Lawrence Public School system who made one mistake that got him fired. There are times when an innocent act of friendship could rub someone the wrong way or for no other reason but the acquaintance he maintains.

That was his situation when Mayor Dan Rivera became annoyed about the relationship he had with his nemesis William Lantigua. Yes, that was the only reason so he did what anyone else would do: Paredes sued the city.

This week, he resigned from his job and under the signed agreement, he is not allowed to apply for another position in the Lawrence School Department.

Congratulations on winning a settlement, even if we have to pay for it. The mayor doesn’t care because it’s not his money.

City Council Ordinance Committee meeting

On Tuesday night, the Ordinance Committee met in the Council Chambers and for close to one hour the Trejo brothers, owners of the building at 226-232 Common St., next to City Hall’s parking lot. The mayor wants to give them a portion of the parking lot in order to make an entrance on the side of their building and create parking facilities in the basement.

District D Councilor Jeovanny Rodriguez was very patient and diplomatic explaining to them what it would mean for Lawrence to give up that land for their benefit. He even explained the potential plans to build a parking garage on the site to which they admitted that if the time should come, they could take it back.

They did say that! If that’s the case, how will they get into the building? All Councilor Rodriguez could do was smile and said, “After a lengthy court battle!” They were ready to promise anything to get their way.

Please read what I described on page 12 regarding the four parking facilities.

Who is Lina Montesino?

Check out the Facebook page of Lina Montesino. She is eagerly supporting Celina Reyes for City Council but she is Celina Reyes.

Why would someone have two Facebook pages with different names and the same picture? Something strange is going on; even if that is her maiden name she should not be using both. That sounds deceiving.

Coffee With a Cop

On Tuesday morning, August 20, some police officers met in something I presume will become a regular event called “Coffee With a Cop” as part of the Police Chief’s public relations routine. Curiously enough, Jorge Jaime, Joel Chalas and Franklin Miguel skipped work to give him a hand.

Perhaps that’s a new requirement for city employees: Socialize.