From My Corner: February 22, 2024

Dana Farber nurses have a contract

After months of negotiations, the nurses at Dana Farber in Methuen got a new contract and they are happy with it.

The company realized that losing great staff members to save a little money was not a good deal for them or the community they serve.  They are the most dedicated and best trained that I have seen and I’m happy for them to be recognized for what they represent.


Healey-Driscoll Administration

While this doesn’t have to do with Lawrence or a nearby city, you should hear about it to understand how this state government functions because who’s to doubt it we could be next?

In January of 2021, under Governor Charlie Baker’s Administration, the Legislature approved the MBTA Communities Act unanimously by the Senate and overwhelmingly by the House (143-4.)  This law is mandatory, and it makes 177 communities served by the MBTA build multi-family housing near transit stations, commuter rail stations, ferry terminals, or bus stations, to help address the high cost of housing.

On February 14, a town-wide referendum was held in Milton and 5,115 Milton residents voted “no” while 4,346 others voted “yes” and built 530 residences.

Now, the Healey-Driscoll Administration issued a press release accusing Milton of noncompliance with the MBTA Communities Law threatening them with losing out on state grant funding.  Please read the governor’s press release on this page.

According to a letter sent to Town Administrator Nicholas Milano by Edward M. Augustus, Jr., Secretary, Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities on February 21, 2024:

“… the town will not be eligible to receive MassWorks and HousingWorks grants.  The town of Milton will also be at a competitive disadvantage for the 13 discretionary grant programs offered by the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC), as well as other grants that are a part of Community One Stop for Growth.  Additionally, the town will not be eligible for a recent Seaport Economic Council grant award for a $140,800 grant for seawall and access improvements, which was subject to compliance with the law.”

The reason for bringing this up is to show you how this government deals with public opinion and how the legislators can force their way to make people do what they want.  Some people call it “negative persuasion”, but I call it “blackmail.”

Cities and towns no longer have the freedom to decide how they want to live.  The average home in Milton costs $1.1 million and building 530 apartments near a bus or train station is going to affect the culture of the town and their way of life.

Lawrence is at capacity, and we keep building apartments, not businesses or industry but it’s not noticeable because we are a “poor city”, but that example shows that, if we ever disobey a “request” from the state, we may be forced to do whatever they want, just like Milton.

I know; people love to hate the rich so, who cares about a ritzy town?  We should!  We all want to succeed in life and do better for ourselves, especially if that means owning a nicer home in a better environment.  That fundamental right to choose how and where we want to live is basic to the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

In the end, I blame all of us for not being alerted to what our politicians are doing at the State House.

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