From My Corner: June 15, 2024

Get Geri the hell out!

Would you believe that I’m getting tired of writing about Hispanic Week?

It’s been running for 45 years, and they haven’t learned to do it right.  Each year it gets much worse with 2024 being its death sentence.

You may get more information on the column to the right from November 1, 2020, and then on page 6, another one from May 1, 2015.  There’s probably the same information, only getting dreadful through the years.

Hispanic Week used to run fundraisers throughout the year, while planning the events and the cost they would incur.  They sent invitations to all the big businesses (public and private) in the area, and they used to buy a table for their employees.  After that, we received several calls asking why they did not receive the invitation.  From that era, that money-maker was forgotten.

They paid the police whether it was $45,000, $60,000, and I even remember $75,000.  Then, Hispanic Week went into a huge debt and the city came to their rescue by helping with the police expenses.  From that day on, they expected it every year. They got lazy and lazier each year; hardly doing fundraisers and I don’t think there were many planning sessions for the next Parade.  That’s why we did have one this year.

In one of those pieces I wrote in the past, you will find that I made suggestions several years ago, for example:

1       Begin planning for next year, the week following the festival.

2       Keep a logbook each year of what to do in preparation for next year.

3       Keep notes of what went well, mistakes, or problems encountered.

4       Make the necessary changes to improve the next one.

5       Instead of bringing expensive artists and orchestras, why not promote our local talent?


Nobody listened.

Notice that I’m not mentioning other names, whether they help Hispanic Week to fail all these years, but Gerimundi Rosario has been there for 4 years, and it cannot get any worse, or those who worked incessantly to balance the books.

She has been writing lies on Facebook about what plans she has been making and blaming Mayor Brian DePeña for not keeping up with his word when he never committed to what she claims.

At one point he offered the use of Pemberton Park for the equipment, but she refused because they also needed the income from the beer sales, and it would not be allowed there.

If you want to have a festival next year, FIRE GERI ROSARIO right now and start planning how to raise funds to pay your debt.  Get Geri the hell out!  The taxpayers are not your private bank.

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