From My Corner: June 8, 2022

What are we teaching?

Something appalling has been on newscasts for several days.  The report covers a scene at a gay nightclub in Dallas, Texas where female impersonators “strut their stuff” among the audience.  When someone yelled out, “Hey, there are children here!” Another person exclaimed, “That’s the purpose!”

The broadcast proceeded to show how they walk in full makeup and costume, some almost naked, while teaching the children walking side by side the appropriate mannerisms.

The brief report showed enough and we can only imagine the rest because the big sign in the background read “It won’t lick itself.”

For months I’ve been telling you how school children are being “groomed” by the school systems.  From a very early age, they are being told that they can change their gender, since kindergarten they talk to them about sex in very explicit ways, and teachers insist that they not tell their parents.

This is happening all over the country and you are probably saying, “There goes Dalia again.”

Yes, I insist because not all parents question their children about what they are learning at school.  You don’t have to report back to me what they say.  Just be aware of the psychological damage inflicted on them.  Ask the school administration the reason for doing this and let them know that you object.

After issuing a public records request, Michael King, director of Community Alliances, Massachusetts Family Institute found that Lawrence Public Schools are teaching EXPLICIT sex education that is NOT age-appropriate and NOT medically accurate!” Please check the April 15, 2022, edition; I wrote about the way the school system is indoctrinating our children.

They are teaching Making Proud Choices, Our Whole Lives, and FLASH.  These curricula sexualize students and you can view them online.

We encourage all parents to OPT-OUT their children in all grades.

You can find the form to opt-out in English and Spanish online.

Did you hear about the historic OPT-OUT of Sex Education in Worcester?  3405 students have now opted out!  Read more here:

Let’s get thousands of students to OPT-OUT in Lawrence to show that we don’t want this trash being taught to our children.


Budget and Finance hearings begin

The Lawrence City Council accomplished on Monday night something that I didn’t think would happen: The Superintendent of Schools Cynthia Paris appeared before them.  She wanted to do it via zoom but the council did not accept that.

The first topic dealt with was the Adult Learning Center; the mayor’s proposed budget eliminated the $1.3 million that the city contributes to its programs.  Naturally, it didn’t go well.  Beginning with Jessica Andors, executive director of Lawrence CommunityWorks explained the unfairness of it because her organization works very closely with the Adult Learning Center.  (Have you noticed that Andors is on every board or committee in the city?)

Some of the councilors were aware of the reason for the reduction and Sup. Paris came prepared to show what Mayor Brian De Peña had requested.

The mayor told me that the documentation the superintendent’s office submitted along with her budget was lacking information.  It had lump sums for the figures, too many stipends, etc. and he asked her to clarify them.  When the time came for him to submit it to the Budget and Finance Committee, it had not arrived so he removed that amount.

He also mentioned that there are many other organizations in the city providing English as a Second Language without the benefit of city funds.

Superintendent Paris gave a booklet with the requested information to the committee members but there is no knowledge as to when the mayor received it.  In any case, he will reinstate the $1.3 million to the Adult Learning Center as soon as the figures are clear in his judgment.

Last week, the Ordinance Committee gave the superintendent a vote of No Confidence and it was sent to the city council meeting on Tuesday, June 7 for approval.  This week, the vote was 7 in favor; María, against, and Stephany Infante, present.  I don’t know what effect it will have but now the superintendent knows the road is getting rough.


Security in schools

The subject of school safety was touched on at this meeting (barely) but I hope that it comes up again in another discussion.

I have to mention my appreciation to John Miele, a safety officer in the school system for his courage in calling for a better method of protection for children and staff.  No, he is not “my secret informant,” he openly sends out emails to the administrators of Lawrence Public Schools, Mayor Brian De Peña, and all the city councilors with his complaints and observations.  I salute him!

His most recent message was about the posting of 7 positions available for school safety officers.  Mr. Miele explained that this is not enough to cover all the schools efficiently.  He cited the question posed by City Councilor for District D Gregory Del Rosario regarding who is responsible for the students who are out of classes and remain in the park down the street.  Before he was transferred against his will, it was his job “to go and at least try to get these students back to school,” and most of the time these students would return to class.

Besides the need for more guards in schools, some measures should be taken.  Mr. Miele says that David Hernandez, the school safety manager is not qualified for this position and should be removed.  The administration treats them as if their only responsibility is breaking up fights and managing students when they are out of control.  We need more concerned citizens like Mr. Miele.

They should be part of the prevention process, such as walking the hallways, checking bathrooms during classes for potential misdeeds, make sure all doors and shut allowing only access out to students and staff while preventing anyone from coming into the buildings.  That’s prevention and that’s security.

There’s no need to carry a firearm if we open our eyes to the possibilities.


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