From My Corner: November 22, 2023

Galvin investigates election fraud

There’s hope, Lawrence!

Secretary of State William Francis Galvin told NBC10 Boston that “State elections officials are now sorting through these allegations and the results will be delivered before the candidates begin their new terms in January.”

He was referring to at least 7 formal complaints sent to his office by local residents.

“We’re on it. The minute we heard about it we took action,” Galvin said to NBC10. “We’ve had a history of sending people to jail when they’ve committed crimes. That’s what we’ll do here.”

Let’s hope that the State decides to cancel the election results and do it all again under strict supervision and without mail-in ballots.


Here come the tyrants!

What’s ironic in that mess they created is that the guilty parties are now becoming the tyrants of the council.  They won’t be sworn in until January and started giving orders and suggestions immediately after winning.  For example:

Wendy Luzon said her first order of business when she takes her seat on the council in January will be to request an audit of the Lawrence Police Department.

I don’t think she believes that is automatic just because she wants it; she has to convince other council members and get their approval.

Has she considered that an audit will only produce results from the Roy Vasque administration and she may be sorry?

Besides, Chief William Castro is going to do that anyway.  He promised it on day one.

“Things are not going well over there from what I’ve heard,” Luzon, who pointed to budget issues as well as Mayor Brian DePeña’s recent selection of a political ally, former county corrections officer, William Castro to be acting police chief.

Isn’t that the reason for your success in this city holding on to Dan Rivera’s coat tail?  You had big jobs with big money for which you were not qualified and had to lie that you had a college degree to qualify.

We hope that William Galvin is also looking at the video where you and Kendrys Vasquez were removing Jessica Aquino’s posters at two o’clock in the morning.

It’s online and lots of people copied them.

But Wendy Luzón is not the only “big boss” on the council; we now have a fiery newcomer: Fidelina Santiago.  She had the nerve to call some candidates right after the elections to tell them that she was not going to wait until January to start cleaning up her district ordering them to remove their campaign posters.

Some of them have disappeared from District A.  I don’t know if they were picked up by their owners out of fear or if Fidelina took it upon herself to do it.  She should know that candidates have 30 days after the elections to remove them, although I still see William Lantigua’s and Marcos Devers’ posters around.

She is someone who should be very quiet waiting for Galvin’s decision because she owes her winning to the person caught on video taking the ballots from a mailbox and her car has been identified as the “get-away car” so, she’s an accomplice.

During that interview on NBC10 Galvin also said, “There may also be a federal investigation if there was mail stolen from mailboxes, as mail theft is a federal offense.

Can you, Lawrencians imagine if these two people get in the city council what those meetings will be like?  Unwatchable!


New Voter ID campaign

Twenty years ago, Marie Gosselin, Dotti Incropera, Mayor Michael Sullivan (I forgot to mention him last week), and I took to the State House the petition requesting the approval of Voter ID in this city.  You can check our archives online; look for September 1, 2003, in English and Spanish.

At that time, our state delegation refused to back it up and it died right there.

Now, things have changed and there’s a movement statewide to get it done.  The fraud and corruption are not only in Lawrence and they are trying to collect 75,000 signatures to place the question on next year’s presidential elections.

Locally, City Councilor at-Large Ana Levy and Julio Merán are heading the effort and I am planning to help them as much as they need.  If anyone would like to help out or get involved, please contact any of us for more information as we progress.

We will not be able to eliminate mail-in voting because there are voters who cannot be easily moved to a polling station and require a ballot to be sent to them.  The three of us discussed the possibility of having people assigned to bring it in person and have the voter fill it out in their presence and take it back to the elections department.

Also, if anyone will be traveling on Election Day, they should be able to go to City Hall, with the proper identification, and vote ahead of time.

I mention this so the people in charge can start thinking about these possibilities and not be taken by surprise if they are forced to do it next year.


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