From My Corner: November 8, 2023

After the elections

Finally, it’s over and I can talk!

I didn’t want to opine before Election Day because I would be judged as campaigning for someone.  The public should learn to discern among candidates and analyze what they are saying.

A colorful card in the mail can be filled with things that are irrelevant to the position they are vying for but if voters don’t know that, it would appear like salvation.

The worst-case scenario was Celina Reyes.  This woman has not accomplished anything in the council and her postcard is all about her work providing access to daycare providers and getting better salaries for providers like her because she owns a daycare.

But the kicker is that she did that work as part of her duties when she was employed at Lawrence CommunityWorks.  That had absolutely nothing to do with being a city councilor.

The card further says “Vote for Celina so she may continue serving our community.”  How come she didn’t mention some of her accomplishments?  There are none.  She never contributes ideas during the meetings and votes with the majority because half the time has no idea what’s being discussed.

Let’s hope that people observe for the next two years that we’re stuck with her and realize that I am right.

It was shocking hearing Alfonso Rodriguez say that Jorge Gonzalez was a good city councilor.  He was a zero as a member of the School Committee and even worse as a city councilor.  I don’t know why people have such poor memory.

Marta Rentas is a lovely, caring person who didn’t belong in that race.  All she could talk about was “the children” because that’s all she knows.  After listening to her on the radio, I wrote about the lack of content coming from the program hosts and I suggested some basic questions about current issues but nobody listens to me!

It was not a surprise for me that Richard Russell would come in fourth again.  He used to be very vocal but once he was appointed to that seat, we hardly heard him speak.  I also think the final nail in his coffin was being the only councilor to vote against having State Auditor Diana DiZoglio perform an audit at Lawrence Community Access Community Television (LCAT).  He is friendly with them and chooses his loyalty to them instead of the rights of the people of Lawrence.

Myra Ortíz doesn’t belong in the school committee.  She was a great city councilor when she had the chance to fill in and I would have loved to see her back there.  That’s not to say anything negative about Fidelina Santiago; I don’t know who she is just like Vladimir Acevedo.

This race in District A is one reason that Mayor Brian DePeña’s administration will have a very hard time in the next two years.  He should have never been involved in supporting candidates looking to create the perfect team.  He has to work equally with all councilors and legislators in Boston and getting into disagreements with any of them will only make all of us suffer.

We all saw on social media the incident of Fidelina and Jennifer López, creating a scandal in front of a home that Brian, Estela Reyes, and Milagros Matías were visiting, screaming that they were “stealing votes”.

On Primary Day, there was a confrontation at a polling place between Brian and State Representative Francisco Paulino that almost came to a fist fight and the police had to intervene.  Francisco was supporting Fidelina Santiago and Brian, Vladimir Acevedo.

Today, they don’t get along and that should never have happened.  Now, Brian has an enemy in the State House and another one in the city council.

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