From My Corner: October 23, 2022

Welcome to a new edition of Rumbo.  I recommend that you take the time to read some of the articles included because there is plenty of good news.


Yard Waste, Trash, and recycling pick up

The past three weeks have been awful with the JRM/Republic dilemma.  There are two articles in this edition that demonstrate how irritated we all are.  One is on page 2 from Council President Marc Laplante arguing that it’s time to give hefty fines to the company.

Another piece on page 9 states that the city will impose penalties against Republic for the poor work performed.  They had promised that it has been settled two weeks ago which wasn’t true.  They are having a big problem and I tried to find out.

It happens that JRM had a system that allowed employees to begin their workday very early and each truck had a route to complete.  I was told that many of them began at 6 o’clock and as soon as they were done, they could go home allowing them the opportunity to go to another job, spend time with their families, or sleep.

Then came Republic and bought JRM out making unwanted changes.  They established a rule by which the employees would have to work from 7 AM to 3 PM.  By the time they left with their trucks, they were running late.  When 3 PM came along, it was time to stop and the work kept getting behind.

I know that the customer shouldn’t be concerned with those details because we are paying almost 4 million dollars annually for that service and it could result in adverse effects on our health not picking up the trash for weeks.


Paraprofessionals and schools cafeteria workers got a good contract

Finally, after years of demonstrations, rallies, and begging, the paraprofessionals and the schools’ cafeteria workers received a decent wage increase allowing them living wages.

The Lawrence Federation of Paraprofessionals rejoiced in their press release published on page 6.  It was a long fight where nobody understood the reasons for keeping them below minimum wage.  The Lawrence Public Schools has money and that was not the reason.

Mayor Brian De Peña made it a priority of his administration to intervene but there’s so much he could do since the schools remain under the Commonwealth’s control through the Lawrence Alliance for Education.

Now, that this has been resolved, I hope they get the courage to reveal what goes on in the classrooms.  I hear bits and pieces of the race talk and gender training and no one wants to talk.

I have been following up on certain cases of regret from boys and girls who have chosen to change their gender having their breasts removed as teenagers, along with hysterectomies.  Specifically, one is about an 18-year-old who had the surgeries done at 15 and she now realizes that she was only going through a phase, now coming to terms that she will never be able to have children.

Teachers all over the country are poisoning our children’s minds beginning with sex talks, exposing them to formerly forbidden acts such as drag queens, some outdoors for all to see.  And what is the public’s response?  Everyone keeps quiet.

Don’t think it’s somewhere else or on the other side of the country.  Local hospitals are making money with these surgeries mutilating children right here in Boston.  Insurance companies pay over $50,000 per child.  What I don’t understand is how can they keep all that from their parents.

While the hormonal treatments are taking place, students are warned not to tell their parents.  And nobody’s talking.


Elections are almost here

If you have not had the chance to read about the questions on this year’s ballot, please make sure of what it all means.  Read the red book, Voters’ Guide published by the Secretary of State.  In that original publication, Question #4 was left out and Secretary Galvin said that he was going to issue a supplement explaining it but I have not seen it.

Also, read up about the candidates.  Be informed because the ones we select will be there for a few years fulfilling promises or doing harm so, it’s up to us. Remember one issue alone doesn’t make the perfect candidate.


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