From My Corner: September 8, 2022

Breaking News!

There are new developments in the ongoing investigation at Lawrence Police Department and the statements provided by Detective Paul MacMillan to the media.

Detective MacMillan was suspended by Mayor Brian De Peña after he showed up at the Mayor’s office insisting on speaking to him.  He stated that he had been calling him without success and if he doesn’t respond, he will go to his home.

Considering that to be a threat, Mayor De Peña called Police Chief Roy Vasque and told him to suspend MacMillan with pay.


Elections are over

Yes, elections are over and I am rejoicing because most results went my way. For one, we got rid of Marcos Devers.  It was confusing for Lawrence residents seeing that he received 1042 votes in Lawrence over Francisco Paulino’s 994 they momentarily forgot that he was also representing Methuen and that took him to the lead.

Nobody knows what kind of representative Paulino will be because he has never held elected office but Marcos was a farce all these years.  He had nothing to show for it and was only there to support other representatives on their work but he performed none and later took collective credit for what they did.  All we have to do is look at his record.  It’s open for all to see.

Regarding Pavel Payano’s win, I have mixed feelings.  I wanted Eunice Ziegler to get the Senate seat, but although she won in Methuen and Haverhill, it was no match for Pavel because Lawrence put him at the top.

My ambivalence was also because, in the event of a Pavel victory, Richard Russell would be taking his seat in the City Council.  During the last elections of 2020, Russell ended in fourth place among the councilors’ at-large candidates.  If that was to happen, he would automatically take his place.

The big question on my mind is if someone is going to be appointed to Estela’s seat since she ran unopposed the last time, or will the mayor pick that person?  We have no idea how her district will be represented, although I was told that both of them, Estela and Pavel have said that they are planning to complete their term and remain on the council next year.

That is what happens to people with little power: they always want more.

That’s the epitome of control in the city.  Assuming that they are allowed to continue, they won’t be getting the annual stipend from the city so they plan to serve for free.  If they wanted to advance, you got it!  Go to serve the Commonwealth and let new people show their worth.  After all, you both leave a lot to be desired as councilors.

For the past few weeks, I wrote enough about Pavel’s inconsistency in his attendance at council meetings either arriving very late or not showing up at all.  His decisions showed that he was playing both ends in the middle many times because the public’s interests were not always there.

As Chair of the Safety Committee, he was atrocious.  With all the security problems at the high school and on the streets (even though they are well-hidden) they met maybe twice for very brief meetings giving the impression that Lawrence is paradise.

Estela is Chair of the Ordinance Committee, a group with lots of power, and she knows it.  The public never hears about the items that are presented for discussion and approval that get forever tabled and she refuses to bring them up.  Nobody knows her reasoning behind it (revenge, hate, or just simple control) and that’s why she is not relinquishing her post.  She’s not doing any favors to the people of Lawrence.


Welcome, Francisco!

I stopped by the Lawrence Airport to say hello to Francisco Ureña, its new director and while I was truly happy to see such a deserving man back in Lawrence, this is some sort of apology to the former director Michael Miller.

Mayor Brian De Peña appointed him to this position because he wanted to surround himself with people of his caliber, even if he had no experience in that field.  He is a fast learner and in just a few weeks, he has shown it.  He credits former director Miller for extending his departure to make sure of guiding Francisco to be the asset that we know he can be.

With that being said, my reason for this confession is that when Mr. Miller was appointed by Mayor Patricia Dowling, I was very outspoken about its being a “political appointment” just like this one yet, this time I’m happy with the selection.  For about 20 years, Mike did a tremendous job and the best part, he was a perfect gentleman and very cooperative with me whenever I needed something.

Michael Miller is now working for the Commonwealth in a position where he is in charge of all municipal airports.

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