Important information from Lawrence Public Schools

Important information from Lawrence Public Schools

We welcomed approximately 12,700 students in grades K1-12 for their first day of school. Pre-kindergarten students start on Wednesday. It is the first time since 2019 we are starting school without some kind of exceptional circumstances – in 2020 we were remote, and last year we had many protocols still in place, including masking, due to high COVID rates – so it’s a very exciting day!

We now have 37 safety officers’ positions covering all schools. We have five vacancies and continue to hire, so anyone interested should contact us.

This year we have added another School Resource Officer for a total of 4 SRO’s (SRO’s are Lawrence Police officers specifically assigned to work with schools). Along with one Sergeant that makes five members of the Lawrence Police Department committed to LPS and we’re very grateful for their and the city’s partnership. Our comfort dog, Lancer, works with one of our SRO’s and joined us late last year, so this will be his first full year with us.

We recently updated the camera systems at two of our buildings and will be doing so at more buildings in phases over the coming year.


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