It’s time for our Annual City Census!


It’s time for our Annual City Census!

The City of Lawrence has mailed the Annual City Census. You should receive it at your home this week. Please Complete and Return!   A return envelope with paid postage is provided.

What is the City Census?

The Annual City Census allows City officials to know where the City is growing and changing.  It helps in planning for the future and to make good decisions about using resources for things like public health, education, senior citizen needs, veterans’ benefits, infrastructure, and other forms of community support.

Who needs to fill out the City Census and Why?

It is important that EVERYONE who lives at the home be listed on the Census form. Everyone needs to be counted even if you are not a voter. If you are a registered voter and you do not return the census, your status will be changed and you will be considered an “Inactive Voter”. As an Inactive Voter, the next time you go to vote, you will need to show identification and proof of continuous residence.

Mayor Brian A. DePeña is encouraging residents to fill out the Census and return it quickly. He said “The City Census is used in just about all planning decisions. This helps us to plan for the future and to make the best decisions in utilizing resources in such areas as; public health, education sector, senior citizen needs, veterans’ benefits, infrastructure, and other forms of community support. It also allows city planners to assess changes in the quality of housing and related facilities, and plan for future housing and business needs.”

The City Clerk, Diane LeBlanc noted that the Annual City Census is different from the Federal Census that is done every 10 years but it is just as important. She also emphasized that the form must be signed before it is mailed back or they will not be able to process it.

Martha Velez, Director of Human Services for the City and lifelong resident of Lawrence said “It is critical for our residents to assist the city in compiling an accurate count of our residents.   By doing so, it allows city leaders like myself to see the growth in our city, assist us with finding funds for community programs, analyze how we use our resources and develop our beautiful city in a cultural, diverse, and inclusive manner.”

If you did not receive your City Census, or if you have questions or need help filling it out, contact the City’s Elections Division at 978-620-3290. You can also contact The Center, (aka the Senior Center) at 978-620-3540. Staff are available to help you if you need help filling out the Annual City Census only takes a few minutes.

Please, help your City – fill it out!



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