Lawrence St. is dangerous to traffic By Dalia Díaz


On February 25, Thursday, at 8:26 AM, local photographer George Richardson noticed a 33 foot long concrete-truck as seen blocking the Lawrence St. roadway, by the Hayden Schofield Playstead while delivering concrete.

It was positioned in a way that was obstructing oncoming traffic and there was no safety police officer u other assigned official to control it. The area had poor visibility and conductors were unaware of the truck until they were upon it.  Many drivers were forced to perform a sudden maneuver taking them to the opposite side of the road.

Lawrence Ordinance 12.12, requests companies to apply for an Obstruct/Excavate permit.   The truck is owned by Kingston Red T Mix, Plate TMX144, from Methuen.

But, George went beyond taking this picture.  He went to the police station and requested a report of all accidents along Lawrence St. since 2000 and found there have been over 80 accidents in that period – 20% in the area where the concrete truck was parked.

In that area there’s a children’s clinic, two schools, about 9 restaurants y several bodegas.  The number of people and autos crossing at all times of the day is enormous.


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