Reader believes the city should do more for those in need

I sat on a historic Campagnone Park bench between City Hall and the American flag reading with fascination the articles in regard to the City of Lawrence housing crisis in relation to our homelessness problems in Edition 610 (01-22-18).

As a recipient of the many multiple resources discussed and being an actual census counting homeless / un-sheltered non-drug user person, I found enjoyment in House of Mercy, looked forward to Mr. DaCosta’s “long” presentation to the City Council and his published resource guide (on-line hopefully) but total disappointment to the point of disgust in regard to actions of our City Council.

Does refusal of a $136,000 state grant to help thirty (30=33%) people in need make any sense to constituents? Or, does the Council’s disdain for Mayor Rivera require disconnecting government entities resultant in argumentative chamber badgering without any constructive solutions or new ideas?

Also, based on population percentiles, if the City of Lawrence thinks that transients break the littering ordinance proportionally, except small liquor bottles and used needles, then our populace would be in the thousands.

In closure, I/we agree that the city needs to support, i.e. fund, our public educational programs including libraries, fire / police / ambulatory / public works protections, transportation systems, business development endeavors and all city government employees. However, maybe there are a few cents left over in next year’s budget for housing our indigent or create new policies similar to neighboring towns where their protocol for the homeless situation is a bus pass to the City of Lawrence.

Thank you for your attention,

“Brooksie” (name withheld upon request to protect identity)