Statement about the Superintendent’s Search

Statement about the Superintendent’s Search

I would like to commence this letter by clarifying that during my radio appearance on Saturday, May 11, 2024, there was no mention or insinuation of School Committee member Jonathan Guzman being labeled as a racist. However, a comment was made regarding a Dominican individual with dark skin overseeing the school department in reference to one of the candidates for the Superintendent of Schools.

As a City Councilor, my goal is to provide transparency and clarity to the entire community regarding the ongoing search for the next Superintendent.

I was recently informed about a meeting where the subcommittee was supposed to gather input from a panel before narrowing down the candidates from 10 to 3. The panel was selected by Patricia Mariano, LEA Board Chairperson. When the discussion was supposed to conclude, some members wanted to deliberate on the top 3 candidates without the panelists. Patricia Mariano and ALMA opposed this. 

During the voting process, Juana Matias and Maria Moeller suggested that the panelists’ votes should not be considered. However, Patricia Mariano insisted that they should. It was evident that during the meeting, there was a significant bias against Ralph Carrero displayed by the panelists and Patricia Mariano. When the vote took place, it was clear that Mr. Carrero was among the top 3 candidates if only the voting members were considered. However, Patricia Mariano strategically included the panelists’ votes to exclude Ralph Carrero from the top 3.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education later deemed Patricia Mariano’s actions during the meeting as illegal and unprofessional. As a result, a repeat meeting was held without the panelists to finalize the choices. During this meeting, Patricia Mariano and ALMA had already invited a candidate from Malden, MA, and the rest of the panelists agreed to suggest 4 individuals. 

Ralph Carrero had always been part of the top three candidates, but Patricia Mariano and ALMA attempted to manipulate the public perception while displaying bias throughout the entire process. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has recently intervened to ensure fairness in the process after the delegation’s involvement. The delegation compelled them to adhere to the law, take a more active role, and oversee Patricia Mariano’s actions. 

It’s important to note and understand the distinction between the panel and the LAE subcommittee. An appropriate analogy would be having a budget hearing where the presenters are asked to participate in the vote, which is illogical. The individuals involved in this process included School Committee member Jonathan Guzman, a teacher’s union member, and a school principal, none of whom were confirmed by the LAE members.

In conclusion, I prioritize our schools and aim for the next Superintendent to be the best Lawrence has ever had.


Gregory Delrosario

City Councilor

Lawrence, District C

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