The Rights of the Heart Dr. Tomás Núñez

The Rights of the Heart

Dr. Tomás Núñez

Currently, there is a fruitful philosophical discussion about the need to rescue cordial reason, as a limitation to the excessive rationalization of society and as an enrichment of instrumental-analytical reason, which leaves its free course, can harm the correct relationship with nature, which stands about belonging and respecting its cycles and rhythms.

Some of the rights of the heart dimension are as follows.

1- Protect the heart, which is the biological center of the human body. With its pulsations it irrigates the entire organism with blood, making it live. Do not overload it with harmful fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.

2- Take care of your heart. It is the psychic center. From him come all good and bad things as Jesus warned. Behave in such a way that the heart does not need to be startled by risks and dangers. Keeping your heart serene and at peace is living a healthier life.

3- Watch over the heart. He represents the deep dimension of the human being. In him the conscience that always accompanies, warns, and punishes is manifested. In the heart shines the sacred spark that produces enthusiasm. This enthusiasm philologically means that there is in the human being a “God within” that illuminates him. The deep feeling of the heart convinces us that the absurd will never prevail over sense.

3- Cultivate sensitivity, typical of the heart. Do not allow it to be dominated by functional reasons. Learn to harmonize with it. Through sensitivity, you feel the heart of the other. Through it, we sense that the mountains, the forests, animals, the starry sky, God himself has a heart. Finally, we realize that there is only one immense heart that beats in the entire universe.

5- Love your heart. It is the yield of love. The love that produces the joy of meeting more people who love each other and that allows the fusion of bodies and minds into a single and mysterious reality. The love that produces the miracles of life through the loving union of the sexes and selfless dedication, the care of the most helpless, inclusive social relationships, the arts, music, and the mystical ecstasy that makes the loved ones founded on beloved love.

6- Have a compassionate heart that knows how to come out of itself and put itself in the place of another to suffer with it, carry the cross of life together, and celebrate joy together.

7- Open the heart to the essential caress. It is soft like a feather that comes from infinity, and with the touch, it makes us perceive that we are brothers and sisters and that we belong to the same human family that lives in the same house.

8- Prepare your heart for care, which makes the others important to you. He heals past wounds and prevents future ones. Whoever loves, cares, and whoever cares, loves.

9- Mold the heart to tenderness. If you want to perpetuate love, surround it with tenderness and gentleness.

10- Purify the heart day by day so that the shadows of resentment and the spirit of revenge, selfishness, gossip, slander, and envy, which also nest in the heart, never overcome goodwill, finesse, and love.

Then your heart will beat to the rhythm of the universe and will find rest in the heart of the Mystery, the Source from which everything comes, which we simply call God.

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