From My Corner – January 1, 2014

Rumbo’s New Year

As we showed in our editorial, 2013 was a good year for us and all indications are that 2014 will be even better.  I just have to negotiate with my boss some vacation time every now and then because if it was hectic before, it will only get worse.

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by advertisers who believe in the work we do and have been with us for many years – after all, this is a business.  It’s a great feeling when we can be of service to our communities (and this expanded issue is proof of that) where organizations can have a vehicle to promote their services and successes.

Welcome Mayor Rivera!

I have known Danny for a long time and can only say nice things about him.  As a worker, member of the City Council and member of the Board of Trustees of Northern Essex Community College, the image I have is that of someone smart, hard working and responsible.  Just take a look at the job he did with the city budget!

You knew there was going to be a BUT, right?

Since winning the elections I have seen another side of him that worries me.  I don’t think he has had any experience managing people.  He probably thinks that by delegating to others the work will get done but the mistakes by his organization and the different committees lead me to believe that he may not be a good manager.

Delegating is not enough; you have to ask for the results of their undertaking or otherwise, things will fall on the round file.  I am referring specifically, to the way the media has been handled with confusing information being offered such as the ice skates being FREE RENTAL only to later clarify that someone else is paying for the rental and they will be free to the public.  Then, refusing or forgetting to attend scheduled radio interviews only going to those where the comfort level is more pleasing.  Elections are over and there will not be unfair or provoking questions any more from any of us.

Then, there was the inaugural committee!  Just one week before the swearing-in ceremony it was announced that the City Council, School Committee and Greater Lawrence Technical School Committee will be having separate events.  They forgot to plan for these bodies to be part of the inauguration of the new government, concentrating exclusively on the mayor’s activities.  Frankly, the whole thing has been butchered, beginning with the ceremony in front of City Hall.  It would have been beautiful in good weather but they should have been realistic from the start.

What I said about delegating was because the impression I get from all of that is that they don’t have to answer to anyone – and apparently, Danny doesn’t ask.