Busy week, thank God it’s over

The first week of this year, to our recollection, has been one of the busiest and most complicated of any previous year.  We don’t speak for ourselves but for the organizers of the different events.

Three local mayors, two reelected and one newly elected, being sworn-in along with their cabinets that by all means need attention to detail and of course, coverage.

We tip our hats to all involved in the organization of the different events and feel sorry especially for the Lawrence team.  There is no question that the Lawrence inauguration was the most elaborate of all, which possessed the most challenges.  The weather put a damper on the ceremony in front of City Hall that promised to make history, but could not ruin a family fun day on the Common including ice skating – in a place where there is no skating rink.

When plan A was about to start, with the program already printed, came the snow for two long days with frigid temperatures that forced to implement plan B that send everybody looking for shelter and without losing control, all events were successfully held as planned.

Thanks to the Almighty, they are over!