Candidate demands investigation

November 14, 2023

Candidate demands investigation

My name is Vladimir Acevedo.  I ran for City Councilor for District A in the last municipal elections in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  The election took place on November 7th, 2023.

Many things have transpired since the election, and I believe many irregularities took place during said elections.  Many constituents have contacted me and have expressed their concerns regarding mail ballots that were never received, as well as problems with the voting machines, early voting, etc., and staff at the voting polls.

As a candidate, I am requesting that an investigation be conducted regarding the election and handling of the ballots. I would like to receive the written protocol for the handling of the ballots when they arrive from the state to city hall.  Where are they stored?  Who has access? How are mail-in ballots kept safe?  How are these transported to the polls? Who opens these envelopes? How does the election department keep track of the ballots going out in the mail? 

Have all the recent irregularities reported to the Clerk’s office been reported to the state?

You may be aware of the video circulation on the news, and social media.  The act on the video directly affects the results of the election.  

What will be done regarding this?  

What steps will the election department take now that they have this information?  Has this incident been reported to the Secretary of State? So many questions are up in the air and no one from the city has addressed this matter. 

I have also been informed by constituents that they were unable to vote in person because, on the list, they appeared as if they had already voted.  Some received provisional ballots; others were denied the provisional ballots.  

I believe continuants’ and candidates’ constitutional rights were violated during these elections.  

We as a city must investigate and ensure that democracy stands first.  I await your response promptly.  


Thank you, 


Vladimir Acevedo

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