From My Corner: March 1, 2023

Looking for bad news

Usually, I have access to press releases sent by the mayor’s office and I don’t get out much anymore, which means that I’m not aware of many things that happen around the city but, lately, it has come to my attention that not everyone is satisfied with the performance of the new administration.  As expected, that’s normal.

Since I cannot depend on city hall to keep me abreast of the complaints, I would very much appreciate it if I can hear directly from residents.  Of course, I’m talking about serious concerns, not hard feelings, and I will not entertain gossip.

Since Rumbo is the only newspaper covering what happens in Lawrence, I want to do it with all honesty as I have been doing for the past 27 years.

Here’s one that I have mentioned in the past: This administration should be doing more to reach out, inform, and educate residents and local businesses in English.  There’s a whole segment of English-speaking people in Lawrence who are not aware of the news the Spanish-speaking community has access to.

Yes, the communications director at the mayor’s office sends everything in both languages to a long list of members of the media but we don’t have a vehicle to spread them in English.

I suggested to Brian to do English subtitles on his radio broadcasts to, at least, try to reach out and make it available on social media for anyone interested in what he has to offer.  He later told me that he was going to work on that.

Watching the city council meetings is not recommended because they are too long and boring; well, that’s about to change with Richard Russell taking Pavel’s seat.

There you have it!  You wanted me to show negativity.  I don’t owe anything to the city and I am free to speak the truth.  The immense majority of public service announcements and press releases you see in Rumbo are free to the city just like we don’t accept tickets from local organizations and always pay for our admissions to their events. That’s right!  Just doing a public service, trying to educate and serve this community.

Alberto and I take great pride in the honest work we are doing.

And, to that American lady from South Lawrence who always scolds me angrily whenever she sees me at Carleen’s, I have this message: Stop bothering me with your complaints about the mayor; I’m not his advisor, I don’t have any influence over him, and I don’t work for city hall!  He has an open house on Fridays; go tell him to his face!


Reverse discrimination, Part 3

I didn’t think I would continue writing about the creation of this new profession “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) that organizations, universities, school departments, etc. feel the need to hire consultants to devise a system to assure that their workforce is made up by people of different races, genders and physical capabilities, resulting in the mess we have today.

After fighting so hard for so many years to achieve equal rights, we find ourselves undergoing racially motivated decisions but only in reverse.  Now white people are the target which is completely illegal.

Then last week, I explained how foundations refuse giving grants to agencies whose CEO is white, even if the board of directors is made up of minorities.  I said that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation revised the eligibility for its three-year, $300,000 grant to advance “healthy food equity” after The Daily Signal reported on the program’s stringent race-based limitations.  We now have Racial Quotas!

Unless we raise our voices to point out the unfairness of something like that, it will only get worse.  Fortunately, there have been lawsuits filed all over the country and we are seeing some education taking place.

The Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer has changed the application requirements for one of its fellowships after a nonprofit group’s lawsuit, which faulted the program’s blatant racial discrimination against white and Asian American applicants, according to The Daily Signal.

And The Daily Signal says, “The pharmaceutical giant violated Title VI of the 1965 Civil Rights Act, which bans racial discrimination in any program receiving federal assistance, according to the lawsuit. Pfizer participates in Medicaid, Medicare, and programs funded by the National Institutes of Health.”

Where is this country going?

Martin Luther King, Jr. must be turning in his grave!


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