From My Corner: May 15, 2023

A tax is a tax, is a tax!

The Haverhill Latino Coalition is growing in Haverhill and anytime Latinos get together to exercise their voice I cheer for them.  It has taken a long time for them to mobilize but they seem to be on the right track, contrary to Lawrence where several groups have started something and then disappeared.  Either, they didn’t get the support needed or became politicized and disbanded.

The purpose of that meeting on May 7th was to make the community aware of the upcoming vote for the June 6th election for the new Consentino School.  They tell me that the information was vague and the public didn’t learn about what a YES vote will mean.

A simple way of putting it is that it’s not an increase on the regular property tax but it is a separate account for which they all will have to pay annual taxes.  This is important for everyone to understand.

Notice in the two pictures that there has been no effort to educate the Spanish-speaking community on what that means.  This is obviously an effort executed by a group that wants everyone to vote in favor of what they support.

At first, Mayor James Fiorentini said there is no need for that additional tax although it will be tight for the city budget.  He now said that he will vote YES.  After all, it’s a citizen’s initiative and he cannot be blamed for it.

They also discussed the changes taking place as a result of all of Haverhill’s elected officials now having two-year terms under Haverhill’s home-rule petition approved last year by the legislature.

The presenters didn’t do their homework before preparing their PowerPoint presentation or didn’t know what they were doing.  The board said that city councilors will be serving for four years and the school committee members for two years.  Under the changes approved, both city councilors and school committee will have two-year terms.

The most surprising part was that the city clerk and some councilors in attendance didn’t correct them.

I guess that educating the people is not a priority in their minds.


Gender studies

There seems to be an enormous effort in this country to accept that people can change their gender at will and since not too much is written or talked about, I wrote an article on page 11 that I hope you take the time to read.

For me, it was a big discovery finding how the government is behind the horror stories involving these people.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) is providing grants for experiments with young people, some starting at 8 years of age.

The results have been disastrous.  They recognized that two subjects committed suicide and the rest (males and females) are at risk of becoming infertile as a result of the hormones they are being fed.

The biggest part of the scandal is that children are told to keep it secret from their parents that they are part of this.  Some schools have created after-school programs called “Art Class” so no one would suspect.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has plenty of information on its website under “LGBTQ Inclusivity in Schools: A Self-Assessment Tool,” and it appears on the CDC’s youth website in a section labeled “For Schools” and under the drop-down label “Tools for Supporting LGBTQ Youth.”

Teachers, administrators, school health staff, and others are urged to advocate LGBT causes in school.

Some states have taken measures against school systems to prevent or prohibit these things from happening; others have enacted laws prohibiting certain books available to young children.  There’s a campaign against them calling it “book banning” when in reality, the books have not been banned for older people.

Another aspect is that we must tolerate LGBTQ members by force.  I’ve had good friends who happen to be gay and treated them as what they were: good friends.  Today, a negative comment about this thrust can get anyone in trouble – and it’s everywhere.

The Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, recently vetoed a bill that would have renewed the license and provided millions in funding for the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, the statewide PBS network that reaches more than 650,000 viewers a week.

Gov. Stitt took issue with what he alleged was LGBTQ-inclusive programming on the station, claiming that it amounted to the “indoctrination and over-sexualizing of our children.”

And check out Nickelodeon; parents now claim that their programming is geared in the same way.

Why is this happening?  Can we allow our children to grow up with healthy minds and let them decide when they become aware and understand what they want to do? After all, the gay population in the United States is 7.2% and the transsexual is 1.8%.

And worst of all, why is this government using our children in experiments that most likely ruin their lives?

The answer is: Because we let them.

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