From My Corner: October 15, 2022

Questions on the ballot

Last week I explained the three questions appearing on the red booklet of the Secretary of State’s office.  I hope you understood that it was not my intention to ask you to vote a certain way but to consider what each YES or NO vote means in each question.

Some friends contacted me and made me aware that there was a fourth one, for which I am truly thankful because it allows me an opportunity to expand on that conversation.

Question #4 is known as the Work and Family Mobility Act and, although the right number of signatures were collected, it did not make it in time for the printing schedule of the red book.

The Fair and Secure Massachusetts campaign, launched this petition after Democrats overrode GOP Gov. Charlie Baker’s veto of their new driver’s licenses for illegals law.  They collected more than twice the amount required under state law to trigger a ballot referendum.

I find it very troublesome that voters will not be aware of the options they have on question #4 and most people will be taken by surprise.  This measure has been supported by police chiefs all over the state.  They claim that this measure will make the roads safer but what they mean is that by being able to drive legally, drivers will not be nervous when stopped by a police officer of State Trooper, while they hope that they will have the proper insurance policy.

In the event of not receiving sufficient votes to cancel this law, it will take effect next July 1, 2023, let’s hope changes are made to the license application to make it compulsory to show some form of identification proving that the individual is an American citizen, thus eligible to vote before registering.  If not, it will be properly noted on the registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles so they cannot be registered as voters.

The Democrats’ narrative claims that the legislation makes state roads safer but the biggest problem is that a new law signed in 2020 automatically registers those who obtain a Massachusetts driver’s license to vote.

So, this petition aims at preventing those illegal aliens could end up being registered as voters and it’s very convenient that by question #4 not appearing on the voters’ guide, most people wouldn’t be well-versed in its purpose.

And coming from Mr. Galvin, I believe it was a dirty trick to benefit the voting rolls, not necessarily the immigrants.  Remember that this is the guy who revealed how he yelled to Dan Rivera on the telephone, “I made you mayor!” He cannot be trusted.

Now I heard that he’s going to publish a second voters’ guide explaining question 4.  Expect it in your mailbox.

To put it simply, remember:

A “yes” vote is to uphold House Bill 4805, which allows applicants who cannot verify citizenship or immigration status to submit certain forms of identification to obtain a driver’s license or motor vehicle registration.

A “no” vote is to repeal House Bill 4805, thereby maintaining existing state law that prohibits applicants who cannot verify citizenship or immigration status from obtaining a driver’s license and motor vehicle registration.


A long, taxpayer-paid vacation

Since losing the primary election, State Representative Marcos Devers has not been seen; he didn’t even show up at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new police station.  And people looking for his assistance, are quickly sent to the mayor’s office, refusing to help them.

Keep in mind that State Rep. Devers is taking a three-month vacation until Francisco Paulino is sworn into office in January.  I will continue to remind you because, eventually, he’ll run for something and he’ll be only looking for another “no-show” job where he can milk the taxpayers.

The sad part about it is that he cannot be fired because the Legislature functions on the honor system; they know their obligations and are expected to fulfill them.

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