From My Corner – October 20, 2020

And the virus grows…

This edition of Rumbo appears to be a COVID-19 newsletter with all the articles dealing with the subject, not only the dangers but also the services available to residents in the area.

We are not able to see the end of this tragedy because each day something else happens that affects unsuspecting residents.  That was the case last Monday when Meals on Wheels, the agency providing a daily meal to seniors, did not make the usual delivery when a driver tested positive for COVID-19.

According to their website, “A new survey conducted by Meals on Wheels America reveals that programs are now serving an average of 47% more seniors than they were March 1, when concerns over COVID-19 and social distancing measures began taking hold.”

With that increase in service, the staff is also in more danger of contamination which is just what is happening.

“Monday at the time of my delivery I was notified that no meals were being delivered in Lawrence today,” Peggy Clark told me.  She was told to use the emergency box that was delivered last week but she had not received an emergency box because she had been in the hospital last week.   She went without food Monday and Tuesday and finally Wednesday, the “emergency box” was delivered.

Logic tells me that this should have been prevented and proper measures should have been taken – just in case – so that these seniors wouldn’t have to go without meals.


Welcome to COVID City

            Some cities and towns have contacted Governor Baker requesting that a shelter for homeless COVID patients be set up in Lawrence because they didn’t want it in their neighborhoods.

Fortunately, Mayor Rivera had the good sense to refuse because our numbers are too high to even think of a project like that at this time.

Keep your eyes open to find out if he was “forced” to do it after all.


Russell again with the numbers

As of Wednesday, October 21, Richard Russell wrote on his Facebook page that Lawrence had 60 cases of coronavirus while Essex County had 131 cases of coronavirus, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had 646 cases of coronavirus, and I enjoy reading the study he offers.  Here are some excerpts:

Lawrence had 46.6% of Essex County cases while only having 10.3% of Essex County’s population.  Similarly, Essex County had 131 of the state’s 646 cases for 20.3% while only having 11.3% of Massachusetts’ population.

Shouldn’t the percentage of cases in Lawrence and Essex County be more in line with the percentage of the population figures?

In Lawrence and in Essex County, it almost appears that someone has been preaching about wearing masks and that advice is falling upon deaf ears!

Or is it possible that Lawrence and Essex County residents cannot hear that advice due to the loud sounds of the parties?

Lawrence has or has had 5602 cases of coronavirus or to put it in another manner of speaking, 1 out of every 14.35 residents or 6.97% of the population has caught it!

Those of you who enjoy dealing with numbers will wonder how come the statistics are not presented to us that way.  That’s scary!

But we must not worry; Danny has been named an ambassador for the future “vaccine” and he alone won’t be enough to test whether the vaccine will work. So, they will now they will instill fear in the residents of Lawrence so they can get the shot for “free” to see if the vaccine works.  Brilliant marketing idea!


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