From My Corner: October 8, 2021

Get involved; sign up!
I want to let everyone know that I’ll be collecting signatures on three questions that, hopefully, will appear on the ballot in November 2022. The subjects are:
1. ID Voting, to make sure everyone must show some form of identification to maintain the honesty of the election process;
2. if a child being aborted is alive, doctors should do everything possible to preserve his life; and
3. prohibit Massachusetts from imposing any tax, fee, revenue-generating measure that could reduce or restrict the supply of gasoline, diesel fuels, or other motor fuels.
We need 120,000 signatures by November 17, 2021, statewide and I volunteered to collect them here in Lawrence. If anyone is interested in helping with any of those topics, feel free to call me and I’ll explain how it works. Even if you go out one afternoon and visit the people on your street, it will be greatly appreciated.
I am planning on visiting churches because the abortion issue is dear to their hearts. If anyone wishes to invite me to speak to your group on any of the topics, I am available, as well.

Violence in schools
There are daily fights in different schools and some videos have been posted on social media. Upon contacting the Lawrence Public Schools, they responded that they happen outside the schools, although this week a student was suspended for three days from the Leonard School for bringing a BB gun.
This was a serious incident and parents should have been notified but I don’t believe they were.
Posting videos on social media has been a blessing in disguise for us because otherwise, we wouldn’t find out about those incidents.

Domestic terrorism
On page 1 I said that the United States declared war against the public. I hope you take the time to read the article I wrote on page 7 “Can parents be considered Domestic Terrorists? The United States Attorney asked the Department of Justice, the FBI, and Homeland Security to arrest, jail, and prosecute parents attending school committee meetings and behaving vigorously loud.
Whether these parents are protesting their children’s use of masks in school, objecting to being vaccinated, or the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their classroom, it’s their First Amendment Right to do so and be heard.
Take a look at the people arrested for storming into the Capitol on January 6; they have been jailed for months, many in isolation yet they have not seen a judge or heard their charges. The Constitution clearly states that no one should be deprived of his liberty without reason.
This country is going crazy and I cannot fix it. But, locally, I can educate our community to stand for what’s right. Things will continue to get worse unless we start taking an active part in our children’s education.
I asked the Lawrence Public Schools if they are teaching CRT and their response was, “I’m not aware of a CRT curriculum for k-12 schools, and I know we don’t use one here,” said Christopher Markuns. I have spoken to professionals in the system who have told me about the arguments among them.

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