Raising the Armed Forces flag at City Hall By Frank Moran

Raising the Armed Forces flag at City Hall

By Frank Moran

It was a privilege to be the keynote speaker of International Veterans Care Services, Inc.’s flag raising this afternoon at Lawrence City Hall to honor our Commonwealth’s veterans, as well as those currently serving in the Armed Forces.

It is our shared duty and responsibility as citizens to remember and carry with us the sacrifices made by the brave men and women of our Armed Services – especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

I would like to thank Kelly Birchall Frazer, executive director of International Veterans Care Services for all that they do within our community and for being an incredible partner to me and all my fellow elected officials in the City of Lawrence.

The collaborative efforts of organizations like IVCS, Mayor Kendrys Vasquez and his administration, as well as our Director of Veterans Services, Jaime Melendez, show that the City of Lawrence truly stands united in its commitment and gratitude to our veterans.

Through these strong partnerships, we have been able to repay just a sliver of the debt owed to the brave men and women of the Lawrence veteran community.



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