The Dominican Athenaeum and Inclusion

Audy’s Column

The Dominican Athenaeum and Inclusion


By Audy Ramirez


This past Saturday, September 17, the City of Lawrence once again dressed up in splendor with an event embraced by the umbrella of solidarity and inclusion. The Dominican Athenaeum, as it has been shown so far under the direction of the artist and art curator, Mrs. Jenny García, was the appropriate setting for such an important event. The Art for Inclusion Exhibition took place and what a level!

This event was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Changing the World Foundation for People with Disabilities (CEMDPCD) under the logo: Celebrating Art and Inclusion and obviously with the participation of a large part of the citizenry who always say they are present at this type of event.

The intrinsic and humanitarian value that is presented in this event is undeniable. Inclusion is becoming a reality that is more accepted and respected by societies. And that is good because it indicates that despite everything, we are making progress as humanity. Obviously, much remains to be done, because just going out and walking in our streets, avenues, sidewalks, and other public areas, where serious limitations are still noted for people with physical disabilities.

The Dominican Athenaeum of New England, together with the Foundation (CEMDPCD) and the rest of the participants in the planning of this event show with great pride and enthusiasm another reality: Si se puede. It is an example that we should all continue to support to the maximum.

The most important thing about the whole program, from my point of view, is that the works presented in the said exhibition were created by children. Since this is the most vulnerable segment of our societies, what better opportunity than this for two fundamental things? The first is to create a space for the artistic expressions of children with disabilities and presently said work to the general public so that they not only support the event but also serve as an educational stimulus for all observers.

And that was what could be achieved. Entering the exhibition hall prepared by the staff of the Ateneo Dominicano in its premises, located at 15 Union St. Lawrence, MA, and the volunteers who made themselves available to collaborate, was a simply extraordinary experience.

Seeing the faces of child artists with delight at seeing that their art was being admired and applauded by a large audience, and seeing expressions of calm and childlike joy on their faces, is simply priceless. From this space, I greet all the participants with joy, admiration, and respect. His works are simply high works of art that will last in the memory of everyone who had the pleasure of enjoying them.

A very special thanks and congratulations also go to all the staff of the Ateneo Dominicano and its Director, Mrs. Jenny Garcia, and also to the members of the Foundation (CEMDPCD) for taking such a beautiful initiative and at what height! Let us, therefore, hope that the example is followed and not only the aforementioned institutions continue to do so, but rather that other institutions are encouraged and take the same path of inclusion and respect for every living being in this world. If we follow that path, our common village would be very different. This is just one example of yes, you can!

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