From My Corner: September 8, 2021

Looking like the Secret Service

In last month’s Semana Hispana Parade, Rumbo was present with its photographer.  Besides taking wonderful pictures of the parade and all of its participants, Rumbo noticed something strange that requires an internal and an external review to see if any laws were violated.

This photo was taken and used in the news of the Semana Hispana for Rumbo, edition of August 22, 2021. It shows the Interim Mayor Vasquez with a special communication device walking with his political campaign team in the parade (not as a mayor, but with his campaign team and with political signs.)

By the graphics, you can see the devices attached to each member’s waist and earplugs in one or more ear canals. One of the individuals is the Director of IT for the City.  The other individual is recently promoted Police Captain Fabian Guerrero and DPW Director Franklin Miguel.

These devices have never been used by any other mayor or his/her team.  They look similar to law enforcement communication devices used for Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States.

This makes Rumbo ask the following questions:

  • Did the Lawrence IT department purchase these communication devices and used the devices for the security of Interim Mayor Vasquez, and if so, why did the IT Director, and Mayor, use these devices for political campaign?
  • Did the Lawrence Police Department allow the use of law enforcement communication security devices for use during Semana Hispana, and if so, was it Captain Guerrero’s idea?  If so, why did Police Chief Roy Vasque allow city devices to be used for a political event?

If none of the above statements are true, then the citizens of the Commonwealth should see costs associated with either purchasing or rental of security communication devices show up on Interim Mayor Kendrys Vasquez’s OCPF as expenses or in-kind contributions.

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