How to help Puerto Rico

Our cover shows Pastor, Angel Gonzalez, praying for Puerto Rico and Australia, surrounded by a group of his parishioners as well as other Pastors.

He prays to God, our Lord, asking to stop the earthquakes on his beloved Island and fires in Australia. Believers rely on the divine miracle and at the same time, we take action on how to help those who have suffered material losses.

When Hurricane Maria devastated the Island of Puerto Rico, a local movement was formed to help send water and food so badly needed, as well as clothing. Citizens in general responded with what they could and more. The problem later was how to send everything and then how to distribute it once it arrived in Puerto Rico.

The situation now is different. The part affected by the tremors seems to be the south of the island, Ponce, Guayama, Caguas, so it seems logical that the need this time is money to help the victims in the best possible way.

For that reason, we contacted those who are already offering that help, The Salvation Army. Major Joy Jugenheimer, Program Secretary, Massachusetts Division, sent us information on what the Salvation Army is currently doing in Puerto Rico and information on how to make donations and contribute with what you can. You will see that there is a website and text options that can be made from a smartphone.

We appreciate the information that Major Joy Jugenheimer sent us, which is published and translated on these pages.

Puerto Rico needs us, help with what you can, making your contribution to a non-profit organization with absolute credibility and prestige.