Nice family reunion

On Saturday, the 20th of September, we had the satisfaction of participating in a beautiful family gathering. No, it was not one more birthday for grandparents where their grandchildren join forces to honor them. This was a different celebration, which was celebrated in the past, but had not been held in Lawrence since 1997.

This family we refer to is called The Firefighters. It is a very close family, who lives, sleeps, cooks and eats in their workplace. A family that night and day, lives up to our needs. They don’t care who is calling and they don’t care about the weather conditions either. If we need them, they don’t hesitate to help us. On multiple occasions they are the first to answer the call.

The family credits the young Firefighter José Abreu for being the one who restarted the idea that for 22 years was not carried out. After consulting with Veteran Firefighter Juan (Manny) Gonzalez, he thought it great and immediately an organizing committee was formed, consisting of Johnny Jimenez, Felix Reyes, Mark Lynch, Jene Jimenez and Ignacio Reyes.

The party mixed not only Lawrence’s current Fire Chief Brian Moriarty, but also former Chief Richard Shafer as well as some firefighters from Andover, North Andover and Methuen. There were no ranks; they were all part of a large family, behaving like high school kids on graduation day, enjoying the music of former firefighter Frank Skusevich and posing for group photos.

Within that camaraderie there was a solemn moment, when Chief Moriarty and Captain Eric Zahn, surrounded by the organizers of the event, called Lieutenant James Flynn to deliver a reminder plaque as he retires after 35 years of impeccable service.

Since the tradition began again, we hope it will continue, and that next year we will meet again.