Let’s find peace

Rumbo Editorial
Rumbo Editorial

This is the season in which we traditionally seek the affection and love of all those around us.

This has been a difficult year for the world, our entire country, and especially, for our city and in particular, for the relatives of so many victims of violence.

During these past few years, we have had several peace marches, vigils, both for the victims of murders in Lawrence and also remembering innocent victims of irrational hatred such as the Pulse massacre in Orlando, Florida.

Another case that has left an indelible mark on this community has been the murder of Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, who after a year of having found his mutilated body and having two youth in custody, details of the incident are still unknown.

We know that justice takes time, but it arrives. This particular case has been so horrendous that the community is afraid that justice will never come to the real perpetrator(s) of the crime.

We are tired of burying our young and tying the reputation of our city to these monstrous acts and even those who are surrounded by so much evil on a daily basis, suffering the consequences, cleaning up the damage caused by their actions.

It seems so strange to wish Happy Christmas to our neighbor because we do not know what they have inside. Perhaps we ourselves hear it with irony. Reality is one: we have to seek peace within ourselves before trying to go out and spread it.

Thank God for having health and love within your home and that will be the beginning to wish others what you have already found.